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About Our Port Charlotte, FL, Dental Office Technology

Modern dentistry treatments and techniques have made dental care more comfortable for patients and more efficient for dentists. From digital X-rays to 3-D printers, modern dental technology provides a more streamlined process. The dental technology we use in our Port Charlotte, FL, dental office also allows patients to receive care in our office without needing to visit specialists or requiring dental laboratories. We can create models and restorations in the office for the convenience of our patients. 

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Our Dental Office Technology in Port Charlotte, FL

By utilizing the best tools, software, and systems, we can provide the best service for our patients. Technology that we utilize in our office to diagnose and treat patients includes: 

Planmeca Milling

We use an in-office milling machine for restorations like dental bridges, veneers, and crowns. The Planmeca mill efficiently creates restorations from digital impressions we make with a handheld scanner. We can create ceramic, hybrid ceramic, and zirconium restorations using the Planmeca. Patients benefit from the convenience of same-day dental crowns, bridges, veneers, and other restorations without waiting for a dental lab.

Sprintray Printer

Our Sprintray 3-D Printer allows us to create dental models, nightguards, splints, and more. Before using the Sprintray printer, we take digital scans using a handheld scanner. This scanner is connected to a computer, where we can view a three-dimensional model of the teeth and gums. After we edit restorations using the computer software, we use the Sprintray printer to create restorations, appliances, and models.

Digital Panoramic X-rays

Taking dental X-rays allows us to get a complete image of your smile. We can see dental problems that we cannot see with a cursory visual exam using X-rays. Modern digital X-rays emit less radiation than X-rays of the past, making them much safer for patients and dentists. Still, we will provide patients with a protective lead apron when we take their X-rays.

Panoramic digital X-rays let us see the upper and lower teeth and jaw. We can diagnose patients using these X-rays and determine the best treatment method for their current dental problems. Our office can also save the X-rays digitally along with their dental history. 

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