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Emergency Dentist Port Charlotte, FL

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A dental emergency is a dental problem that requires immediate attention and prompt care. When you receive emergency services, it can potentially prevent more severe symptoms or dental complications. We will only recommend visiting a dentist if you have no additional injuries. If you require medical care, please contact a hospital; we can address your dental needs once you’re healthy. During business hours, we also provide general dental care for patients in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Emergency Dentist in Port Charlotte, FL

Emergency Dentistry Services in Port Charlotte, FL

If you are looking for an emergency dentist, Dr. Ariosto Rosado welcomes patients needing immediate care. We make every effort to provide prompt dental services as needed based on your specific concerns. Emergency dentistry is a part of the comprehensive general dental care Dr. Rosado offers patients in Port Charlotte, FL. Some of the most common dental emergencies Dr. Rosado treats include: 

Lost Permanent Tooth

Losing a permanent tooth can affect your smile’s full function and comfort. If you have just knocked out a tooth, try to recover and clean the tooth. You may attempt to place the tooth back in its socket or transport it to us in a cup of saliva. If we cannot reattach the tooth, we will recommend a dental implant or other restoration. 

Damaged Tooth

A deep crack or fracture in one or more teeth can expose the tooth’s root to decay and increase sensitivity and pain. Receiving a restoration to cover a damaged tooth is important to prevent further damage to the tooth. If you have just damaged a tooth, rinse your mouth with water and apply pressure to the tooth with a clean cloth. Visit our office, and we will provide you with a restoration.

Lost or Broken Restoration

Contact our office if you damage or lose a dental crown, bridge, or denture. We provide prompt, professional denture repair service with our in-house lab so you are out the door and back to your busy schedule as quickly as possible. You don’t have to face the embarrassment of broken dentures, crowns, or bridges. We can help you regain your smile and confidence on the same day.

Tooth Pain

There are many common causes of tooth pain, from tooth damage to cavities. Dental infections and cavities are the most common causes of toothaches and tooth pain. We can provide emergency root canals if patients experience severe tooth pain. A root canal removes infected nerves, vessels, and cells within the tooth.

We will provide a dental extraction if patients have severe decay and cannot save the tooth. Our office ensures that patients feel comfortable during extractions; we provide local anesthetic and dental sedation for patients in our office. 

Are Dental Emergencies Preventable?

Emergencies can be preventable with the right care. For instance, wearing a custom-made mouthguard for contact sports can prevent tooth damage or loss. If you chew your nails or chew on ice, ceasing these bad habits can prevent tooth pain and damage. Vising the dentist regularly can also potentially catch dental problems early on to prevent future complications. We can also provide tips to keep your teeth healthy at home. 

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