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Root Canal Procedure Port Charlotte, FL

Many patients may fear pain when they think of a root canal. However, we ensure that patients do not feel any pain during treatment. A root canal can alleviate pain from dental infections. A root canal removes dental infections that cause pain and break teeth down over time.

In our Port Charlotte, FL, dental office, receiving preventative care, including root canals, can stop permanent tooth loss and the need for more extensive restorative treatment. We provide root canal procedures as a general dentistry treatment to Port Charlotte, Flordia patients. 

Root Canal in Port Charlotte, FL

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Hamrful, decay-causing bacteria can infiltrate a tooth through a crack or chip in the enamel. This bacteria can enter the dental pulp inside the tooth. The dental pulp comprises the nerves, cells, and blood vessels that keep teeth alive. Patients can experience tooth pain, sensitivity, and even fever if the dental pulp is infected. 

A root canal is essential because it preserves teeth. Patients can lose their teeth or require a dental extraction if they become severely infected and damaged. Root canal treatments remove infected material from teeth and seal off the teeth to ensure that teeth stay healthy and are not reinfected. 

Root Canal in Port Charlotte, FL

Dr. Rosado is trained in root canal treatment and has taken courses with Dental Engineering Laboratories, which provides training in the latest dental technology and methods. When you come to Sun Smile Dentistry for your root canal, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Dr. Rosado will first numb the mouth and clean the tooth before beginning treatment. Then, he will make a small hole in the tooth to access the tooth chamber. He will remove the infected pulp from the tooth and clean the inside of the tooth.

Once the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, Dr. Rosado will fill the tooth with a tooth-colored material. Dr. Rosado often recommends dental crowns for patients following a root canal to protect their teeth. Crowns fully cover teeth and add structure to worn and weakened teeth.

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