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Surgical Extractions Port Charlotte, FL

Although it may be scary or painful, sometimes a surgical extraction is necessary to protect your oral health. Surgical extractions, while sounding daunting, are routine procedures for our Sun Smile team. From start to finish, we are here to ease your pain and anxiety. Our goal is to improve your oral health through expert advice and skilled procedures.

Surgical extractions don’t have to be a frightening process. We can help you every step of the way. Extraction is an oral surgery we offer to the public for patients with wisdom teeth and people who want to remove a tooth. 

Surgical Extractions

Understanding a Surgical Extraction

To begin, it is helpful to know what a surgical extraction even is. Surgical extractions remove a tooth that can’t be easily accessed or extracted through a simple pull. Routine extractions involve teeth that are visible. This means that your dentist can easily grasp them with forceps.

On the other hand, you may need a surgical extraction when you have a tooth that is impacted or broken at the gum line. Also, teeth that need careful attention due to their position or condition will need extraction. 

Why Do You Need A Surgical Extraction?

You may need a surgical extraction for a variety of reasons. For example, your dental team will extract an impacted wisdom tooth to prevent infection, pain, or damage to the surrounding teeth. If you have severely decayed or broken teeth that your dental team can’t access, you may need a surgical extraction. Of course, your dentist will thoroughly assess your oral health to find the best option for your oral health. 

What is the Difference Between Routine and Surgical Extractions?

Routine extractions involve removing visible teeth with forceps. However, surgical extractions are more complex. They are common for removing broken or impacted teeth. Surgical extractions may require incisions, bone removal, or tooth sectioning. This will ensure a safe and effective removal process. 

Do Surgical Extractions Hurt?

A common question about surgical extractions concerns pain. Our dental team wants to prioritize your comfort. As a result, there are various anesthesia options available. These will help make sure that you don’t feel pain during your procedure. Additionally, our team can use local anesthesia or even sedation dentistry for our patients with anxiety or complex extractions. 

Typically, patients will experience some level of swelling and comfort for a few days following your procedure. As a result, your dentist will provide post-operative care instructions. They will also include pain management techniques and dietary restrictions. Therefore, your recovery process will vary from person to person.