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Custom Mouthguard Port Charlotte, FL

Do you play contact sports? You need a mouthguard to protect your smile. Do you have a TMJ disorder?

You may need a custom occlusal guard to prevent TMJ symptoms. Occlusal guards are custom oral appliances created in our office for patients who need to protect their teeth and gums. Because of their functionality and comfort, we recommend professionally made, custom occlusal guards over store-bought mouthguards and nightguards. We also provide general dental services to new and existing patients.

Dr. Rosado uses 3-D printing to create a custom-fit occlusal guard that will be designed to protect your teeth, fit snugly, and support dental health. Occlusal guards are often recommended for patients who grind their teeth, have symptoms of a TMJ disorder, or who need to protect their teeth during contact sports. 

Custom Mouthguard in Port Charlotte, FL

Occlusal Guards in Port Charlotte, FL

Mouthguards are made to cover the top teeth and prevent damage from hits to the mouth or teeth. Patients who receive a custom mouthguard for sports in our Port Charlotte, FL office reduce the risk of tooth damage or even knocked-out teeth during their games.

Mouthguards also:

  • Prevent or minimize tooth damage or loss
  • Protect orthodontics like braces
  • Stay in the mouth without the need to clench your teeth

Nightguards are similar to sports mouthguards but help TMD patients. Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) are bite disorders that can cause teeth clenching and grinding, jaw pain, tooth pain, headaches, and tooth wear. Many patients with TMJ disorders experience unconscious bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, that leads to tooth wear and headaches over time.

Wearing a custom-made nightguard during sleep: 

  • Relieves pressure on the jaw
  • Prevents further tooth damage
  • Stops morning headaches and migraines 

Whether you need a sports mouthguard or nightguard, we can ensure that your oral appliance fits precisely. We will take digital impressions of your smile and use in-office milling to create your nightguard or mouthguard. It’s important to clean your mouthguard and to avoid eating or drinking anything other than water with your oral appliance in your mouth. A mouthguard soak is the best way to remove bacteria from your nightguard or sports mouthguard.

Can You Use Nightguards and Mouthguards Interchangeably? 

Sports mouthguards cannot address TMD, and nightguards cannot protect teeth during sports. Sports mouthguards are made of rubber-like materials and only cover the upper teeth. These mouthguards are meant to protect the front of the teeth. Alternatively, nightguards use hard acrylic to discourage teeth clenching and grinding. Nightguards cover the upper or lower teeth and provide a thick plastic layer to protect the teeth. 

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