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Teeth Whitening Port Charlotte, FL

Have you tried over-the-counter whitening strips or toothpaste with no results? Try professional teeth whitening.  Whitening treatment is a part of the cosmetic dental treatments we provide to help patients improve the aesthetics of their smiles. Professional teeth whitening can remove years of stains for brighter, whiter smiles. Dr. Ariosto Rosado offers professional teeth whitening to his patients at Sun Smile Dentistry in Port Charlotte, FL.

Whiten Teeth in Port Charlotte, FL

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Some of the most prevalent causes of tooth stains and discoloration include: 

  • Foods and Drinks: Certain foods and beverages can stain the tooth enamel. Berries, tomatoes, wine, soda, and juice can discolor teeth over time, even with a good oral hygiene routine. 
  • Tobacco: Nicotine and tobacco products can stain teeth, including cigarettes and vapes. The nicotine within tobacco easily yellows and darkens the tooth enamel. Daily smoking or tobacco use will yellow the teeth over time. 
  • Age: The outer layer of the tooth, or the tooth enamel, can wear down gradually. Tooth wear can expose the dentin, or the layer beneath the tooth enamel, darker than the tooth’s outer layer. Worn teeth may appear discolored because of the shade of the dentin.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Port Charlotte, FL

Our dental office offers take-home teeth whitening from Opalescence. We use the Opalescence PF 10% and the Opalescence PF 35%, containing potassium nitrate, fluoride, and xylitol. Potassium Nitrate helps desensitize teeth, while fluoride and xylitol help remineralize and strengthen the tooth enamel. 

The Opalescence take-home kit comprises a whitening gel syringe, desensitizing gel, and custom trays. We will create whitening trays in our office by taking digital impressions of the smile. Once the trays are complete, we will provide patients with their take-home kit.

Opalescence is a great option for patients with tooth sensitivity because we use the UltraEZ Desensitizing gel. Before patients place the Opalescence treatment on their teeth, they apply the desensitizing gel evenly to clean teeth. Patients with more sensitive teeth can receive Opalescence PF 10%; patients who do not experience tooth sensitivity and want a more potent whitening gel may choose Opalescence PF 35%. 

When patients place their whitening gel in their trays, they should place one-half to one-third of the syringe in each tray, placing the gel halfway up from the chewing surface of each tooth. Then, they will place trays on their teeth and remove excess gel with a soft brush.

Patients will wear their trays for a recommended amount of time, which we will determine based on their cosmetic goals. After they remove their trays, they will brush their teeth, clean the tray with water and a soft brush, and safely store the trays in their case.

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Get a whiter smile with professional teeth whitening treatment in our Port Charlotte, FL, dental office. Schedule a dental appointment at Sun Smile Dentistry today. You can also contact us by calling 941-271-0721. If you have any questions about the take-home whitening process or your eligibility for whitening treatment, please ask. We’re here to help.